Atventure Festival Fashion Inspiration

Tips for Piecing Together Your Atventure Festival Outfit 

One of the best parts of going to a music festival is definitely planning your music festival outfits! This activity can be a very fun thing to do, especially if you and your friends want to match. If you have some trouble coming up with the perfect music festival outfit this festival season, then keep reading because we have prepared the hottest festival tips, rave styles, and themes that will be popular this 2020 festival season. 



Make Sure You Are Comfortable 

Comfort is above everything, are we right, or are we right? Jokes aside, you need to be comfortable in your music festival outfit, because you are going to be partying, dancing and walking around for the whole day (or even a few days in a row). Now, don’t get us wrong; we are not talking ‘sweatpants’ comfortable. But having some comfortable shoes and fun festival shorts on is going to make your day so much easier, and It will allow you to stand out at any music festival this year. Check out some of our popular and comfy rave bottoms such as our most popular velvet star rave shorts here.



Go for A Fun Skirt 

If you don’t want to think much about putting together a rave outfit, just go for one statement

piece and carve your Atventure festival outfit around that piece. Crystal body jewelry and crystal body chains such as this one here are very popular this 2020 festival season. Whether you choose your statement piece to be body jewelry or a rave skirt, you should make it bold, fun, and very noticeable. You can’t go wrong with colorful skirts, holographic rave skirts, mesh festival skirts, rave glitter skirts;… there are so many fun options to choose from and the choice is completely yours. 

Here, you can find a wide variety of music festival appropriate skirts. They will make your rave outfit stand out and they are so breezy and lightweight. 




Music festivals are perfect for rocking the holographic trend this 2020 festival season and it’s a shame to miss out on that amazing opportunity. Whether you decide to wear a holographic fanny pack like this one here , a holographic rave outfit that is going to make you feel festival-ready throughout your whole day, a holographic rave kimono like this one here, or a holographic matching set, you are going to look so bomb this 2020 festival season! Also, you are going to look amazing in pictures and you will be easily noticeable. If you want to find more holographic ideas and pieces, you can do so here. Also be sure to check out our Atventure festival fashion Instagram  ( and be sure to DM us your festival outfits so we can post your Atventure Festival outfit photos here 



When it comes to rave fashion game, neon has always been huge, and has finally made a comeback in the 2020 festival season, and we are so thankful for that! You can choose a neon rave set, a neon bodysuit, or you can add just one neon piece to your outfit, the choice is completely yours. One is for sure: neon outfits are so fun, and they are going to bring out your inner wild-child.


Add Festival Glitter, Glitter, Face jewels..and more Glitter!

Life is so boring sometimes.. and we think that festival glitter is not worn very often. How come you can’t go to the office with face jewels on your forehead? That sucks! (lol) However, it makes the music festival experience that much more exciting, because you can rock music festival makeup with loads of glitter and face gems, which completes your total music festival look! Make sure to add glitter and face jewels to your Atventure festival outfit , because they will make you stand out on a whole nother level. Check out Atventure’s huge selection of glitter and face jewels here.

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