Atventure’s Festival Camping Tips

Atventure’s Festival Camping Tips

What to Pack and Bring for A Festival Camping Trip

Camping at music festivals can offer the most fun out of the entire experience, but it can also be pretty unenjoyable if you don't come fully prepared.  

If you've ever been to a music festival before, you know that there are two types of people on the campsites: "music festival pros" and the "camping rookies." The first time you go to a music festival, you might be a rookie, but you don't have to be! Packing for a festival camping trip doesn't have to be hard at all. But you will definitely need to do some shopping from this festival packing list we have prepared for you.


It is pretty obvious that you should never go to a camping festival without a sleeping bag! How are you supposed to get rested and recharge for the next day of music, dancing, and fun? When you are looking for that perfect bag, you should make sure that it's super comfortable and lightweight and portable (because you will have to travel with it). Also consider a small blow up outdoor air mattress and the portable air mattress air pump sold at most Walmarts here.  



If you are going to a music festival, you are definitely planning to have some fun and remember to stay hydrated in the hot summer months. You're going to need a cooler or a chilly-bin to keep all of the drinks and perishable foods nice and cold! While there are tons of different options and styles online, you will find the one that is just perfect for your needs. 



You will definitely need something to blast all of your favorite EDM tunes when you're back at your campsite and getting ready for the nights’ shows

Whether you're just waking up and getting ready to go and have fun at the festival, keeping the party going after the festival, or pre-gaming, – the speakers on your phone are just not going to be enough! 

The technology of portable speakers has gotten pretty spectacular in recent years, thankfully. Now, we can buy an impressive Bluetooth speaker with a long battery life that can last throughout your whole music festival trip!


It’s pretty obvious that festival outfits have grown into a big part of festival culture, and we all ( mostly) love to put a lot of effort and time into them. If you have some trouble putting together a rave outfit for this 2020 music festival season, we have an article that is going to help you out and give you some much-needed tips and tricks (attach the article that talks about festival outfits here). You can also always check out our Atventure festival fashion inspired Instagram here (


Glitter sometimes tends to wear off as the day progresses. If your festival outfit includes glitter (and we don’t see the reason why it wouldn’t), you should always bring extra glitter and glitter glue! The same goes for face jewels. Did you know you can also use eyelash glue to re-apply face gems the next day? All these fun and glittery tips and tricks can turn any boring and basic rave outfit into a music festival-worthy outfit. 


You can't forget these last two music festival camping essentials for this 2020 music festival season! YES, bug spray is a MUST as well as sunscreen. Just remember to bring it in a non-aerosol container such as this one here. (preferably 3oz or less) 


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