The music festival season is upon us, and it is the time to see dozens of your favorite artists while creating unforgettable memories with your best friends. Even though music festivals are so much fun, they are definitely not a cakewalk, and there are some things that can unexpectedly ruin your day. We have prepared some of the most useful music festival hacks that keep your music festival experience as pleasant as possible.

Carry At Least One Portable Phone Charger

If you have ever attended a music festival before, you had probably faced that scary moment when your phone dies, and your friends somehow disappeared, and they are nowhere to be found. Unless your rave-mom is carrying a totem, we will rely only on our phones to find our festie-besties this 2020 festival season. You can avoid that scary feeling just by carrying a portable phone charger with you. Portable phone chargers are dirt cheap nowadays and you will save your own life by bringing one to your next music festival. They also fit perfectly in your rave fanny pack so it is a win win situation. 

Bring Layers In Case It Gets Chilly 

Just because most of the EDM music festivals are in the summer, doesn't mean that it's going to be hot all of the time. You should never just assume that your festival shorts and rave tops are going to keep you warm in the unpredictable spring and fall weather. You should always carry a bandana to cover your face during a potential dust or dirt storm if your festival takes place on the west coast and a layer with sleeves in case it gets cold at dusk. 

Festival Fanny Pack

People tend to get carried away during the festivals, and in all that chaos, you might lose your precious belongings. And you definitely don't want to be that person that has their wallet or phone stolen from a back pocket. One of the most useful things you can bring to a music festival is a money belt (or a festival fanny pack, whichever you like better). It will keep all of your important items safe and close to you at all times.We can't have our music festival experience ruined by forgetting our phones somewhere in the festival

First Aid Kit, Just in Case

Most festivals are going to have a medical tent, but there is no harm in being prepared, right? You should expect some minor scrapes, scratches, and cuts, and you should bring your own first aid kit, full of Neosporin, Band-Aids and headache medicine!

Don't Forget Sunscreen

During your 2020 music festival camping experience, You are going to be dancing under the scorching sun most of the time, and you absolutely need sunscreen on every part of the body that is exposed to the sun. Bring plenty of it and reapply it religiously, share it with friends, and avoid becoming a lobster with sunburns (lol).

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